Amber teething necklace

Amber teething necklace

Amber teething necklaces are widespread European countries and are gradually gaining popularity in the Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and other World countries as well.

Doesn't matter why you decided to choose amber teething necklaces: for great jewellery, fashion, original gift, health and energy fostering or for reducing teething pain for babies – we do believe that the highest quality standards should be applied and implemented for baby products.

We have already been specializing in the production of baby amber teething necklaces from 2002.

There are several differences in amber teething necklace making technology (mostly it all about amber beads) :

Round beads (Completely rounded): a unique feature of high quality children’s necklaces. The production of round beads requires better skills, bigger amount of amber but the beads look nicer, smoother and feel so much better when put on Your neck. They are more durable and massage more gently as well. From 20 kilograms of raw amber about 2 kilograms of round beads are made.

Oval beads production technology does not differ from round beads production by quality. The main difference is visual – oval beads are oblong, therefore, a hole is drilled from both sides in order to avoid splitting.

Chips are lower quality beads because they remain from producing process of round and olive form beads. Chips are easier to produce so that the price is lower than usual beads'. But do not be afraid - necklaces made of chips have an original look and save all the characteristics that usual amber beads have.

Raw amber necklaces are made using natural materials: non-glazed, non-polished, only washed, trimmed and rounded amber beads. Treating properties of raw amber necklaces are considered to be the most effective ones. Non-polished amber smells very good - you can smell it by rubbing one piece of amber to another (it smells like the pine resin and the Baltic Sea).

Round Oval Chips Raw


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